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Emotions in Plato - Laura Candiotto et Olivier Renaut

Publié le 25 mai 2020 Mis à jour le 26 mai 2020

Emotions (pathè) such as anger, fear, shame, and envy, but also pity, wonder, love and friendship have long been underestimated in Plato's philosophy. The aim of Emotions in Plato is to provide a consistent account of the role of emotions in Plato's psychology, epistemology, ethics and political theory. The volume focuses on three main issues: taxonomy of emotions, their epistemic status, and their relevance for the ethical and political theory and practice. This volume, which is the first edited volume entirely dedicated to emotions in Plato's philosophy, shows how Plato, in many aspects, was positively interested in these affective states in order to support the rule of reason. Contributors include : Myrthe Bartels, Beatriz Bossi, Luc Brisson, Pia Campeggiani, Laura Candiotto, Carla Francalanci, Marta Jimenez, Rachana Kamtekar, Stefano Maso, Chiara Militello, Freya Möbus, Anna Motta, Lidia Palumbo, Julia Pfefferkorn, Vasilis Politis, Olivier Renaut, Karine Tordo-Rombaut, Simon Scott, Frisbee Sheffield, with an Afterword by David Konstan.


Emotions in Plato
Laura Candiotto & Olivier Renaut (eds.)
Editeur : Brill
Collection: Brill's Plato Studies Series, 4
Date de parution: mai 2020
Nombre de pages : vi, 396
Code ISBN : 978-90-04-42943-7

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